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List of Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do I have to sign up for an account to use eWonders?
Answer: No. eWonders is a completely self-contained app. It has all the functionalities to build and play Wonders. If you only want to build Wonders using your own resources (images, sounds, etc.), and play with Wonders you have built yourself, you do not need an account to do so. However, signing up to the GOeWonders server allows you to play Wonders built by others, use our free resources to build your Wonders, and share your Wonders with other members.
Question: Can I play Wonders on my computer or other mobile devices?
Answer: No. Currently, eWonders only supports iPhone and iPad. We plan to support other devices when we have the manpower to do so.
Question: Do I have to pay to play other’s Wonders? Can I charge others to play my Wonders?
Answer: No. All public Wonders published on our website are free for all members to download and enjoy. Our mission is to create a platform in which all members can share and enjoy each other’s creativity freely.
Question: Why do you charge for more features and storage spaces?
Answer: The free version contains all the functionalities you would need to play and build Wonders. We welcome all users to enjoy Wonders built by our members and contribute your creativity to our Wonders reservoir for free. However, to pay for continued research and development of eWonders, we must charge a modest fee for enhanced features. In the end , all users benefit from a bigger and better eWonders platform.
Question: What is an “Open Source” Wonder?
Answer: These Wonders take sharing a step further and allow others to build their Wonders based on all or part of the Wonder the original author created. You may use these Wonders as resources for your own Wonders or continue the storyline like an interactive chain-story. These Wonders enhance the feeling of community for our members..
Question: Are we free to publish publicly any type of Wonders we want?
Answer: No. You must follow our publishing guidelines. No promotion of illegal activities, extreme political views, excessive violence or sexually inappropriate contenst will be allowed. Biases based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. and defamation of others will not be tolerated. eWonders staff will monitor public Wonders to ensure members enjoy a clean and friendly platform. Members may also report inappropriate contents to our staff for review.
Question: What is a private Wonder? Are we free to publish any content in a private Wonder?
Answer: A private Wonder can only be shared within members of your community. While your Wonders remain private, we have no way to review their contents. Therefore, yes, you are free to publish any content in a private Wonder. However, use your own discretion and don't post anything that may put you in a compromising position since on website is 100% hackproof.
Question: Can we contact other members?
Answer: Yes. You may send a message to another member using the username. The member’s identity and personal information remain private. The member may choose to communicate with you or to block further communications from you. You may admire a member’s published Wonder and desire further communications. We encourage such communications as long as the desire is mutual. However, we also respect every member’s privacy and allow each member to decide whom he or she will receive communications from.
Question: How do you safeguard my personal information and private Wonders?
Answer: Please do not put any personal information in your public Wonders. We will not share your email address with anybody else, and we will not access contents of any private Wonders. The eWonders app uses distributed key to make sure only members within your community can access your private Wonders.

List of Known Issues:

1 - eWonders version 1.70 or later will no longer support iPad1, iPad 2, iPhone4, and iPhone 5.

2 - Publishing a large Wonder (> 30 scenes) may fail in a slow network. You may have to try several times before it is successfully published.