Wonders Publishing Guidelines

All public Wonders submitted to GOeWonders.com will be considered Public Domain and copyright free. GOeWonders.com reserves the right to host or remove any public Wonders submitted to our website. While we strive to provide the highest possible security to protect the privacy of private Wonders, in this day and age, any content on internet can be subject to hacking. So use your best judgment regarding the content of your private Wonders.

The Guidelines for public Wonders include but not limited to the following:

1. We encourage members to build and share Wonders that feed our senses, mind, and spirit in a positive and uplifting manner.

2. No contents promoting or presenting illegal activities such as child pornography, instruction for making illegal substance, incitement of terrorism or hate crime, etc. will be allowed.

3. Excessively violent or sexual content will be removed.

4. Wonders should be built with resources (images, sounds, and text) that do not violate any copyright. Members can use their own creations, copyright free materials, or any resources downloaded from our website.

5. Wonders should not insult, defame, or offend any persons, or groups of people.

6. Wonders cannot violate anyone’s privacy. Cyber bulling, revenge posting of any kind will not be tolerated.

7. Wonders that are broken or incomplete will be taken down after notifications for the owner to complete are not heeded.

8. Please report any Wonders that violates the above guidelines or seems inappropriate in other ways.