You can download and play wonders by following the steps listed below

Set up Your Account

Option Account Images You need to select "Option" in the main menu to set up your account, and eWonders app will present a view (see screenshot). The top of this view displays your current account status. If you do not have an account, the status will indicate "None", and you can create a new account by pressing the "Create" button on the right of the status.

Create Account Images After pressing the "Create" button, a form will appear on the screen (see screenshot). You need to enter your name, email address, and password in the form and submit the information to create your new account. After submitting the information, your account will be in a "Pending" status. In order for your account to be fully activated, you need to verify your account by responding to the verifcation email we sent you using your email address. Press the "Account Verfication" link on your verification email, and your account will be fully activated. You can check your account status by going to the "Option" segment after you have completed the verification process.

Select Play Storage Bin

Select Play Slot The default play storage bin is initially set to "Play Sample". It is bundled with the eWonders app (see screenshot). After creating an account, eWonders will provide 8 play storage bin, and in order to play downloaded wonders, the default play storage bin needs to change from "Play Sample" to "Play1". To make this change, go to the Library and select Play1 from the list of storage bins. Then press "Set Play Default" on the right side of the screen. This will tell eWonders to play the Wonder stored in Play1 storage bin. If the bin is empty, you need to download a wonder before you can play.

Download A Wonder

Create Download List You can download a wonder from the same view. First, select a play storage bin to download a wonder. After selecting the storage bin, press the "Load Wonder" button on the right, and an interface view will appear (see screenshot). This interface view provides selection criteria for generating a list of Wonders to download. The list below describes each selection criteria in detail.

Type - The type attribute indicate whether the wonder is public or private. You must be in the author's community in order to download a private wonder from that author.
Title - If you know the title of the wonder you want to download, you can enter it here. Otherwise, you can leave it as *.
Author - If you know the author's name for the wonder you want to download, you can enter it here. Otherwise, you can leave it as *.
Category - You can filter the wonders you want to download by its category. There are eight possible categories you can choose. They are Game, Graphic Novel, Comic, Travel, Scrap Book, Slide Show, Instruction, and Others. If you do not want to use this filter, you can leave it at "All" setting.
Sort By - You can arrange the order of the wonder list by Title, Author, Category, or Rating. The default selection is Title.
List Size - If the wonder list is large, the list will be divided into pages. You can set the page size of the wonder list using this selection. The default selection is 25 wonders per page.

Download A Wonder After selecting the criteria, press the "Generate" button to get a wonder list. If the search based on the selection criteria is successful, the first page of the wonder list will be displayed (see screenshot). Use the picker to download, or press the "Next' button to view the next page. After a wonder is downloaded, its title will appear in the corresponding stoarge bin on the wonder storage table. If this bin is already configured as the "Play Default" bin, you can start to play this wonder by pressing the "Play" button at the bottom left of this view.

Play A Wonder

Play a Wonder The main view for the play mode has a text bar on top, TEN inventory spaces and four buttons on bottom (see screenshot). The text box on the top will present messages periodically as playing progresses. Three of the four buttons on the bottom are on the left side, and they can take you to Build, Library, and Option segments any time during the play process. The fourth button on the bottom is on the right side, and it can provide hints from the author. The hint message will display right below the top text bar.

The ten inventory spaces on the bottom can take items from a scene and store it for later use. As the play process progress, each item in the inventory should be placed back on the screen as part of the gameplay designed by the author. When you successfully place an item back on the screen, the author can add effects or make alteration as the story demands.

Since the wonders are created by different authors, how the Wonder is played can be quite different from on Wonder to the next. Creative authors can tell their stories with amazing images, moving music, realistic sounds, special effects and interactive interfaces. The player can emerse in a wonder through the story scheme created by the author. When you come back from a memorable vacation, instead of showing your friends of pictures and videos, you actually can create a wonder to share your experience with them.

Access Private Wonder

Option Account Images There are two types of Wonders, public and private. The public Wonders are shared among all register members of eWonders, and they can be accessed using the steps listed above. The private Wonders are shared among closed circle of family and friends, and these can be accessed only by the community members of their publishers. Therefore to access a private wonder, you must first establish a community with its publisher.

The list below shows how to get a list of private Wonders from a community member.
1) click the "Wonders" button on the library page and select a Play Storage Bin to download a private wonder.
2) Press the "Load Wonder" button on the right, and you will see an interface view appearing on top of Wonder Storage List.
3) Change the Type on the interface view from public to private (see screenshot).
4) You can add additional filter such as Title, Author or Category to refine your download list.
5) Press "Generate" Button to create the download list.
6) Select the title from the download list and press "Download" to download the private wonder to your play bin.

Establish Community

Option Account Images You can establish a community with your friends by inviting them to join your community. Go to Option and the default account page will appear. Enter the account name of your invitee in the text box under "My Community" and press the Invite button next to it. After sending an invitation to, you need to wait for your invitee's acceptance before a community can be established with him/her. The status of invitation is displayed in your community table. While awaiting response, the status will be Pending. After your invitation is accepted, the status will become Verified, and you and your invitee are in each other's community.

Sometime, you may receive invitations to join their communities. These invitations will also be listed in your community table with an Inviting status. You can choose to accept or reject an invitation. If you choose accept, the status of the invitation will change to Verified, and the inviter is now in your community. If you choose to reject an invitation, the inviter will be removed from your community list.

You can remove a member from your community list at any time. To do so, select the member and press the remove button on the right, and that member will be removed from your community list. After removal of a member from your community list, you will no longer share private Wonders with this person. Your community list has a limit of 20 members in this version of eWonders.