How to create an app without using a programming language? Simple, by asking users what do they want the object items to do on screen, and eWonders will do all the behind the scene work.
eWonders will record all the requirements and actions for the app into a script just like a movie.
Then, as players interact with the app eWonders will use the script to respond accordingly.

Computers have rigorous logical processing, so logical thinking is far more important in programming than knowing the language. The primary focus for eWonders is to develop that proper logical thinking in building an application. Instead of worrying constantly about using the right syntex or finding the right interface, eWonders removed that all obstacles and keep the author's attention on logic and design.

How easy is it to create a game using eWonders? Just follow the 4 simple steps below:

1. Select Background 2. Place Items 3. Configure Items 4. Connect Scenes
QBG Steps Image 1 QBG Steps Image 2 QBG Steps Image 3 QBG Steps Image 4

Of course, this is just the beginning. The Wonders eWonders can create include games, teaching lessons, study tools, and etc. Many of these Wonders developed by our center are free for you to play. While playing these Wonders, you can also witness the power of eWonders for creating applications.

Because learning programming through eWonders is so simple and fun, it is particularly suited for beginners and kids with parents' participation. The demand for programming skill will be even more in the coming years, Why not get your kids an early start through eWonders

     - Develop logical thinking for STEM

     - Foster patient and attention to detail

     - Strengthen problem solving skills

     - Most importnt, having fun with your creation

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Steps to start creating your own Wonders:

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