List of Templates

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  Template - Animation 1  Moving objects in and out of hiding with animation
  Template - Animation 2  Moving multiple objects with animation and value matching counters
  Template - Animation 3  This wonder is used to demonstrate eWonders animation capabilites for building a shooting game. It operates like traditional Astroid with an on screen motion controller to move/rotate ship as well as firing missiles. The destruction of enemy ships by missiles is done by using the new block feature which can identify an item when it collides with subject item. In addition, this wonder also illustrate how to better coordinate sound effects with animation.
  Template - Animation 4  This wonder is used to demonstrate eWonder's new capability of selected image and movement animation. In this wonder, the movements of the soldier is controller by the two arrows, and they are different when moving left from moving right.
  Template - Find Objects 1  This template Wonder is a two scenes example of a hide and see game. Each scene in this Wonder hid ten animals in a forest picture. The objective of this Wonder is to find all ten hidden animals in both scenes. This Wonder also has a score system that will give the player 5 points for each animal found.
  Template - Flashcard 01  Flashcards template illustrating SAT top 100 words
  Template - Flashcard 02  Flashcards using images and text to illustrate all 50 USA states and their capitals.
  Template - Math 01  This wonder is used to demonstrate eWonder's computation capabilities. It has 10 2-digit addition questions, and the users need to answer them within a given set time. When the time is up, the wonder will show the result of the test.
  Template - Puzzle 1  Nine square placement and rotation puzzle template
  Template - Puzzle 2  This template Wonder is a one scene example of building a concentric puzzle game. This puzzle divided a picture into five circular rings and rotate each ring with a random multiple of 30 degree. The objective for this Wonder is to rotate each ring back to its correct position, and restore the picture back to its original view.
  Template - Vocabulary 01  This template uses eWonders item basic settings, textbox gadget, and backend processing with criteria to teach kids vocabulary. Scene 1 of this wonders is the actual template, and scene 2 provides instruction on how to configure the items in scene 1. The introduction of using gadget and backend processing items are keys to create more intricated wonders.