Sky healer of Nvwa

Author: Brixue Version: 1.00

This mystery game is based on a Chinese fable of Nvwa repairing the sky. Nvwa was a goddess who created and maintain the world. When the sky was damaged from war between gods, Nvwa had to use a five colored rock to repair the damage. The game started with a scientist who was working on the problems of damaged ozone layer caused by pollution. Facing a stressful challenge, the scientist miraculously entered into the mystical world of Nvwa where he solved puzzles, collected key items, and helped Nvwa repaired the the sky. This expereince helped him understand the importance of his work.

How to Play:
Explore the scene and collect items. Solve puzzles as they appear on the scene. If get stuck on a scene, use hint to help youself out of a jam.