Earth Wonder - Qin Tomb

Author: Shirley Version: 1.00

Qin Tomb is the second Earth Wonder series of mystery games created using eWonders application. The story behind the games is about human immigrants from Mars rediscovering earth after escaping destruction on earth. This team of explorers entered a tomb of Chinese emperor in the Qin dynasty. The tomb has many booby traps, ghosts, treasures, and artifacts. The teams needs to solve puzzles, find key items, listen to grievance from ghosts, and defeat the evil spirit of the Qin emperor. With their bravery, they eventually set free the ghosts enslaved by the emperor and learned a lot about the history of the Qin dynasty.

How to Play:
Explore the scene and collect items. Solve puzzles as they appear on the scene. If get stuck on a scene, use hint to help youself out of a jam.