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eWonders is an iPhone/iPad app for creating your own interactive multimedia presentations. We call these presentatons "Wonders", and they can be games, teaching tools, graphic novels, and etc. An author of wonders can use devices to collect media image resources, compose them, and publish composition as WEB page or cell phone content. All these can be can be done without writing a single line of programming code.

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All of our app products are created using eWonders. Anyone who are interested can download eWonders from Apple app store free of charge. Please feel free to contact us if you need more help using eWonders. Use eWonders to create products for business is also welcomed.

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*You must use iPhone or iPad to download eWonders. If you are already login into Apple app store, search e-Wonders to find the download link.

Kiddie World
Kiddie Puzzles Pictures ABC Counting 123
Kiddie Puzzles Pictures ABC Counting 123
Learn Vocabulary
Country Word Show Kiddie Word Hunt Dancing Robot
Country Word Show Kiddie Word Hunt Dancing Robot
Study Aid
Fun with Phonics Arithmetic Train 9x9 Trainer
Fun with Phonics Arithmetic Train 9x9 Trainer
Mystery Games
Earth Wonder Italy 1 Earth Wonder Qin Tomb Sky Healer of Nvwa
Earth Wonder-Italy 1 Earth Wonder-Qin Tomb Sky Healer of Nvwa
2024 Spring Special

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Use eWonders to Learn Programming
The process of building a wonders follows the principle of object oriented programming. Each item on the scene is designed as an object with defined interface with other items. Use eWonders to create applications will be an excellent way to learn how to code. Kids with high imagination and creativity can use eWonders to express their interest, and learn the basic skills of software development at the same time. We have created a series of lessons and tools to help people quickly create with eWonders.

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